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Corydalis 2019

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David Nicholson:
About three weeks earlier than last year the first of my Corydalis are in flower.

Corydalis solida 'Beth Evans'

C. solida 'Dieter Schacht', in his memory.

David Nicholson:
Corydalis malkensis, now slowly spreading across the garden.

Now edited. Corydalis paczoskii

Ian Y:

--- Quote --- Now I'm not certain about this one, it's on my label as C. shanginii but there might have been a "cock-up on the label front" as it were! Can anyone reassure me?
--- End quote ---

David from what I can see in your picture I think it is correct.

David Nicholson:
Thanks for that Ian.

Steve Garvie:
I donít think your plant is schanginii David. Corydalis schanginii is a steppelander that does not grow too well outside in the UK unless grown in well-drained soil that dries out in the Summer. The leaves are usually glaucous, quite deeply incised and with rather pointed ends to the terminal leaflets. The flowers are generally in upright racemes and are larger than on your plant. Schanginii is self-incompatible (your plant seems to have developing seed capsules).

I donít have any images of Corydalis schanginii leaves but here is an image of the flowers taken on 14th February. I grow it under glass, it was up early this year.


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