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Diane Whitehead:
At last!  A book that describes seeds as well as showing pretty flower

It is The Caucasus and its Flowers by Vojtech Holubec.

Here are descriptions of two Dianthus:

D. oschtenicus    Seed capsules cylindric   Seeds flat, disc-shaped with
a comb-like fringe on margin

D. raddeanus  Seed capsules cylindric   Seeds flat, black

This is very useful for those of us who sometimes collect seeds of plants
we have not seen in flower.

I wish more authors paid attention to seedpods and seeds.  Botanic
artists depict all parts of plants, but colour photography has caused
a diminution of pictorial information.  However, a short clear description
by an observant author can make up for a lack of drawings.

Lesley Cox:
At one stage, perhaps a year ago, there were some postings from, I think, Thomas in Germany, with excellent pictures of various crocus seeds. I seem to remember saying at the time, what a valuable resource a topic would be, of seed pictures. My own seed collecting season is on already, with frits and narcissus, pulsatillas et al ripening daily. I'll try to take pictures of anything worthwhile and start this particular ball rolling.

Diane Whitehead:
I occasionally take photos of seeds to post to this forum.

There is a problem taking such extreme closeups, as the camera
blocks light from the seeds.  I read about someone who set up
a stage for photographing small things by cutting a hole for the
lens of the camera in the bottom of a clear plastic bowl which was
then put over the small item to be photographed.  I haven't
managed to find a clear bowl yet.

Maggi Young:
I believe this site was mentioned before in the Forum and it certainly bears repeating : : this is a place with lots of seed photos and is a very useful resource.... for all levels of interest from children onwards. (I have merely stated the name of the website and not made a hotlink because the site owner does not want such links made because of costs incurred to him.)

There's also this site

Thank you all, what good ideas  ;) !


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