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Some years ago I got from a good garden friend a Leucojum with double flowers, he named it 'Gertrude Wister' and told me it was to be found in an old rectory in England.

Brian Ellis:
Very, very nice - I wonder which rectory.....

David Nicholson:
She seems to have more American connections


I was looking at my pictures from last spring and thought to post some of my Leucojum vernum.
I hope this is the right thread.
I have a few different ones. This first clump is the oldest and I got one bulb from a friend who had gotten it from Saaremaa, Estonia. There is always only one flower per stem and the spots are pale green, almost yellow by the end of the flowering. First and second picture are this plant.
Then I have another plant with only one flower per stem and the spots in this one are golden yellow. I got this plant from a friend in Finland, and don't know it's origin. The third picture is this plant.

Then I have two different plants which have two flowers per stem.
The first one was bought either from Eurobulb or Janis Ruksans six or seven years ago, planted the same autumn, but the plants got mixed up and the other one never came up so I'm not sure of the origin of this one. The spots in the flowers are yellow. The first and second picture are from this plant.

The other plant with two flowers per stem was bought from market in Tallin Estonia, and it has green spots. I especially observed the color of the spots in my plants last spring and the color in this one stayed green.


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