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Maggi Young:
Seed Information Database

The SRGC now has a member-contributed seed/plant information database.

If you have made a donation to the SRGC Seed Exchange, please take a moment to share information about the species you've donated. And whether or not you've donated seed, share information about any worthy garden plant you grow or have grown, no matter how it was propagated.

Sharing information is very easy: just fill out the form below! Please submit the form once for each species that you have a little personal experience with. If you make a mistake, you'll have a chance to edit your response after submitting the form (look for the 'edit your response' link on the thank-you page displayed after each form submission). Only the first form field (plant species) is mandatory; please provide as much information as you can, but only what you know from experience.


To view all the information contributed so far, you have two options:

View information in a simple table with one species per row.

Similar to the above, but you'll have read-only access (ie, you won't be able to edit any of the information) to the spreadsheet where all the data are kept. You will have the option to sort the information using one or more columns and to create filters (for instance, to display only species that are highly resistant to periods of drought). You will also be able to download all the data as a Microsoft Excel or CSV file, among other formats, to use as you like.

Don't be shy start sharing information now!

The SRGC is grateful to Erik Fleischer in Canada for developing this system

Erik F.:
The links seem to have got duplicated during our email exchange not Maggi's fault at all.

The correct links are:




Maggi Young:
Thanks Erik - I've corrected them now - there had been another hitch with one but all seem fine now.

Maggi Young:
 Feel free to enter  information you may have from your previous seed records!

John Kitt:
Hi Maggie,
I think this is terrific addition to the SRGC service.  It will be invaluable to those of us who are not highly experienced in growing some seeds.  Who ever had the idea needs big CONGRATULATIONS!!  My initial reaction  to the information so far entered is that I wondered if location (even hemisphere) of the member entering the information would be useful.  Too early to make a judgement but I will most certainly be a user.


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