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SRGC Seed Exchange 2017-2018 - Number 71

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Maggi Young:
I hope your plants are performing well for you all and also making lots of seed - it would be greatly appreciated if members would donate seed to the annual Seed Exchange of the SRGC.  Usually around 5000 taxa are donated and transformed into about 35000 packets of seed to be sent around the world to members.  Seed  should be sent to the Seed Reception Managers:
Drs Ian and Carole Bainbridge: 01557 814141.
Luckie Harg’s, Anwoth Road, Gatehouse of Fleet, Castle Douglas, DG7 2EF, Scotland as soon as possible and by the end of October at the latest.

Members may be interested to use the Seeds to Scale Identification pages of this forum to check their seed before sending :

The seed Exchange page of the website is not yet updated with all information for 2017  but you will get the general idea from the advice and dates listed there for a timetable!

I also draw your attention to the Seed Information Database that is described  here :

All seed correspondence, lists and queries can be sent to   

Can I as a Canadian, simply mail seed packets to the exchange co-ordinators without needing permits from UK authorities?

No need for a permit. The seed team looks forward to your contribution.

Gordon - You will be required to put a customs declaration on the outside of the padded envelope, this will be in place of the usual SRGC address and your return address as that info must be stated on the declaration.  The means of transport - air -, value - $1 will do but not $0, mark as a gift, declare as garden seed - gift, sign and date it.  All post offices will have these forms.

The grey area must be completed by the postmaster.

Tip - although the declaration says "small packet" ask if it qualifies for the light packet rate which is considerably cheaper, around $8.10 if the padded envelope is a smaller one.

17c, foggy on & off half the day.

Maggi Young:
Details about the next SRGC Seed Exchange - plus an appeal for volunteers to packet seed, - see all here :


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