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Author Topic: Glaucidium palmatum  (Read 5613 times)

P. Kohn

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Re: Glaucidium palmatum
« Reply #30 on: May 16, 2018, 01:53:42 PM »
I moved on the five successful seedlings (three separate sowings) this morning. In two of the pots all the ungerminated seeds were'blind' - everythng that could have germinated, had.
In the third pot (seed from Yuzawa Engei in Japan) there were four viable looking seeds inside the outer covering and I have resown these. If I get seed from my own plants this year I will remove the outer coat before sowing to make sure there is something there !

Maggi Young

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Re: Glaucidium palmatum
« Reply #31 on: May 28, 2019, 12:16:11 PM »
Saw this  posted elsewhere and  had to share  it! 

"BotanyCa Plant Seeds

I keep thinking if everyone reads all germination info available on the website (I know some don't!).

This pot with Glaucidium plamatum seedlings from the cold frame gave me the idea of a short series with the theme "one picture is worth a thousand words".
Seedlings of last and this year in the same pot = please keep your pots for at least 2 years!"

Margaret Young in Aberdeen, North East Scotland Zone 7 -ish!

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Lesley Cox

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Re: Glaucidium palmatum
« Reply #32 on: May 30, 2019, 08:47:30 AM »
I absolutely agree Maggi. I have had the same result with Glaucidium palmatum and its white form, some germinating reasonably quickly and another "flush" the following year. Likewise from podophyllums, arisaemas and several other things, all of which have/had big seeds and frequently with Juno or Oncocyclus irises. II.palaestina (3 forms), aucheri and another which I've forgotten momentarily and it's pitch black and pouring with rain outside so I'm not going out to look, from Oron Peri, literally germinated half in 2016 and the other half in 17.  One of my two Scottish grannies used to say "there's nowt so queer as folks" and while she may have been right, I'd paraphrase to say "there's nowt so queer as seeds."
Lesley Cox - near Dunedin, lower east coast, South Island of New Zealand - Zone 9


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