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Maggi Young:
The SRGC Seed Exchange

 Changes are being made to the operation of  SRGC Seed Exchange No.72  2018-2019

please click here to see Seed Ex. 72 Notes for members:

 All seed correspondence and queries by email can be sent to:

ian mcdonald:
Due to the unusual long hot spell of weather I don,t know if I will be able to collect seeds this year.

Maggi Young:
An appeal to members to collect seed and donate it to the SRGC Seed Exchange - this enables seed of  literally thousands of types of plants - many of which are rarely if ever available  from commercial sources - to be obtained and grown by members worldwide. 
 Seed should be fresh and clean of pests and  chaff and sent, before 31st October, to :
Drs Ian and Carole Bainbridge
Luckie Harg’s
Anwoth Road
Gatehouse of Fleet
Castle Douglas

(Late seed can be accepted if a list has been sent by post or e-mail to reach us by 31st October.)
Please send e-mails to - this is the email address for ALL Seed Exchange queries/matters

On each packet sent, please write  thefull name of the seed, where it was collected (if wild) and your name and initials. Put all seed of one type  in one packet, using small packets where possible (avoid big packets).
Supply a list of donated seed in alphabetical order. Note your email, phone number and membership number, in case there are any  queries, and provide comments on any new or rare seed.

Remember, Seed Ex. 72 Notes for members can be found here :

Many thanks to all those who have already sent  in their seed donations!

There will be changes to the Seed Exchange Online System this year - details will be posted  here in the forum and on the main Seed Exchange page : when those are  released.

I'm not actually a member but wanted to ask if non-members are also free to donate seeds. I assume so, but wanted to check first! (I'm sitting on around 100 fresh seeds of Arum purpureospathum that eBay didn't sell)

Best wishes,


Yes, non-members are welcome to donate, and we are very grateful for your contributions.


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