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My Hippeastrum  teyucuarense

 H. teyucuarense is reported in the department of San Ignacio (province of Misiones, Argentina), where grows in a single hill called "Rock of Victoria" (Tey˙-CuarÚ Provincial Park, Province of Misiones, Argentina) among rocks and rich soils.

Rare in cultivation.

Maybe synonym of   H. glaucescens and H. iguazuanam

Maggi Young:
Bright flowers, yet  at the same time, subtle markings. Very  handsome!

Good Morning,
Unfortunately I do not have an exact variety name

Franšois Lambert:

Makes me think of H Aulicum.

nice Hippeastrum species shown!

I like to share a small story. All started some 20+ years ago with 1 bulb present for christmas bought from a discounter...
It flowered, grew and clumped up, see image 1 from 2012.

Finally was repotted in a 60 cm diameter container, grown outside in summer, stored in my garage over winter during dormacy.
In 2013 I counted ~25+ bulbs. Image 2
The flower stems can grow 90-100cm high and each flower can reach 20 cm in diameter if you fertilize...Image 3

Now in 2019 the clump became to congested. Time to repot... Image 4


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