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SRGC Glasgow Show 4th May 2019

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Maggi Young:
Coming up - 4th May 2019 - Glsgow  Show  at  Milngavie  Town Hall .....

Maggi Young:
In spite  of a  fall, a visit to the hospital Accident and  Emergency dept. and  a  problem with the  window  of the  RBGE van,  Elspeth Mackintosh tells  me that RBG Edinburgh are  planning to take a display  of  bulbs  and alpines to the  SRGC Show  in  Milngavie  on Saturday 4th May.   Made  of  stern stuff these  gardeners!   

Too true. I banjoed myself taken the wheelie bin round the front.  Off to the A&E on Thursday evening, given two co-codomol tablets and told to wait  One and a half hours later I gave up and went home. Next day I went back up for X-rays -bruised rib cage, grazed and bruised knee and my thumb in a splint.  Seemingly the last evening had been bedlam according to the Doctor - people deciding to crash their cars everywhere.  She said that if I hadn't had a good layer of fat around my middle, I would have broken my ribs.  So, stuff the diet and bring on the meringues.
Gardening continues apace but bending is not an option!

Maggi Young:
The Rock and Alpine team  from RBGE  are getting ready for another superb #flower show by ScottishRockGC tomorrow at Milngavie, Glasgow.  Petra reports they are bringing a colourful display with an interesting mixture of plants and some treasured specimens......

 Thanks to Petra Palkova  for the  photos!

Maggi Young:
Now a couple  of  photos  from Alpine Alex of the  RBGE  preps ....


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