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Corydalis foetida


Hi all, I received seed of Corydalis foetida in the last seed exchange, and while I love the excitement of something new from see, I'm even more curious to find out what this plant looks like both colour and form because I can find nothing helpful online. Someone must have donated it so perhaps they could help?  :D

There is no mention of such a species in the Corydalis book by Tebbitt, Liden & Zetterlund either. Have the seeds germinated?

You can read its description in the Flora of china :
Be careful, this in an annual species !
I also found the chinese name of this species here : and you can use it to search pictures with google with this link :
In this paper, it is closed to C. balansae and parviflora :

Hi all

Yes, there is a description in the Flora of China online, and it is an accepted name in The Plant List, which gives a link to the original paper naming the species. 

Hope that helps

Ian Bainbridge SRGC Seed Reception


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