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Chinese provinces of Sichuan and Yunnan

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Maggi Young:
At the moment, Edinburgh SRGC Group convenor, John Mitchell (who works at  the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh) is leading a trip to the Chinese provinces of Sichuan and Yunnan for the Alpine Garden Society. SRGC Treasurer  Richard G. and  his  wife  Jan are two of those on the trip.  Here are  some  of the  photos  John  has  posted  on Twitter  of the  trip so far ....

12th June  " When in Sichuan on tour with the AGS you have to make a visit to see the pandas, a little light relief before the main trip begins"

Maggi Young:
13th June "What a start to the AGS tour to China Balang Shan never stops to impress. Here are a few highlight from Meconopsis,  Omphalgramma and the dark form of Cypripedium tibeticum."

Lilium lophophorum

Maggi Young:
14th June  "Last day on the Balang Shan and did it deliver, never ever seen a white Omphalogramma before and the Meconopsis were out in full glory"

Maggi Young:
16th June  "Have moved on to Tagong plateau and a few of the highlights were Stellera, Meconopsis and Dolomiaea.  Tibetan prayer chats were etched onto the rocks and boulders all down the river"

Dolomiaea - perhaps D. forrestii

Maggi Young:
17th June  "Moved to Kanding and spent the day on Zheduo pass. 2 highlights were Primula melanantha & Pedicularis variegatea (?) and some more meconopsis."

Pedicularis przewalskii ssp cristata



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