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Beeston Common, Sheringham, Norfolk

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Have had a couple of visits this week to this SSSI which is a good place to find orchids - lots of common spotted with a few southern marsh, we found one plant of the lesser butterfly orchid in flower and the marsh helleborine are just starting. Also other interesting plants such as dodder, sundew and butterworts.

Dactylorhiza fuchsii Common Spotted-orchid

Marsh Helleborine (Epipactis palustris)


Great sundew (Drosera anglica)

Lovely pictures Gail.  I love the Dodder.  I am beginning to dodder a bit myself.

Its a lovely word isn't it. Also known as witch's hair - presumably a very red headed witch.

And thank you Maggi for quietly sorting my photo issue; a very good witch working your magic as usual...

Maggi Young:
Alas, the hair of this red-head is nowadays more the colour  of an ageing  chestnut! I'm doddering  pretty  well, too!   

Shall we start a dodderers club?


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