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Arduaine Garden- 13 June 2019

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David Nicholson:
Arduaine Garden is a National Trust for Scotland garden situated in mid-Argyle on the west coast of Scotland almost between Oban in the north and Lochgilphead in the south. The 20 acre garden is "....dwarfed by the immensity of the landscape, a vast expanse of coastline, sky and sea, with isles of all sizes scattered to the horizon...." Some of these provide the only shelter to the west where the next stop is the coast of Labrador nearly 3,000 miles away.

From one of the look-outs in the garden can be seen the Sound of Jura shooting away just left of centre with a very hazy view of the island of Jura on the horizon. The mountains to the right-hand horizon are the southern mountains on the island of Mull.

Whilst I remembered to pack my camera (well Maureen did!) I failed to remember my charging leads so only a limited number of pictures could be taken. Meaning of course that further visits will be necessary.

David Nicholson:
Dactylorhiza flourishing here but I didn't see any others.

Loads of Primulas in the boggier areas of the garden.

A beautiful spread of pink Rogersia which could be seen in many of the  lower parts of the garden.

David Nicholson:
Rhododendrons were all past their best with just a few late flowers still attached to Rhododendron degronianum ssp. yakushimanum.

David Nicholson:
Just a few Mecs. and Irises. The last Iris picture is a species which has flowers at the top of a longish cane-line stem, could anyone ID it please?

David Nicholson:
A few more to ID please if anyone can help?


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