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Author Topic: Potentilla eriocarpa = P. cuneata  (Read 2734 times)


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Potentilla eriocarpa = P. cuneata
« on: December 08, 2008, 10:57:13 AM »
Hello all,
I have been growing a nice, small and long flowering plant (image attached here) under the name Potentilla eriocarpa for ages, more exactly since 1985. About two years ago I was told by Josef Jurasek that it is a mistake, the correct name being Potentilla cuneata. I was not willing to believe too much as in several books for alpine growers I had made sure that my name is in order. Recently however I have found on the Flora of China on internet that Josef was right.
There are detailed descriptions of both plants from which I have been able to see differences between those two. The main feature is that P. cuneata has on truncate or obtuse apex of leaflets three dents, whilst leaflets of P. eriocarpa are deeply 5 - 7 dentate on an upper part of them. My plant have clearly three dents so that it is Potentilla cuneata. There are another differences, as ratio of sepals to petals or ratio of achenes to persistent sepals, but number of dents is the main.
I would wonder if this mislabelling is common or if it is so only here, in our country.
Zdenek Rehacek

Lesley Cox

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Re: Potentilla eriocarpa = P. cuneata
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2008, 09:36:30 PM »
Your picture doesn't look quite like what I (used to) know as P. eriocarpa which I recall was more glaucous in the foliage and made a looser, quite wide mat. I haven't seen it around NZ for some years so it's likely that we have/had the correct plant for that name.
Lesley Cox - near Dunedin, lower east coast, South Island of New Zealand - Zone 9


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