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Seed Identification : photos of named seed varieties.

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Maggi Young:
Seed Identification : photos of named seed varieties.

This topic is exclusively for posting photographs of named, fully identified, seeds.
The object  is to work towards as full a listing of verified seeds as possible.
Please do not post comments or questions in this thread, or photos of seed of which you are unsure of the ID. Such matters may be posted here:

The photos must conform to the usual Forum restrictions and  must include something to indicate the size of the seed, preferably using a background of  1mm  graph paper or a metric ruler. The inclusion in the photo of the plant name is a distinct advantage.

Wherever possible, please include the plant name in the name of the photo file and always include the plant name in the text of the postů. otherwise it is impossible to search for the image.

It is our intention that the information gained here will be used to add to similar information in cooperation with NARGS and the AGS  to obtain as full a listing of photos of verified seed as possible. Grateful thanks to all those who are contributing, or who will contribute their photos to this project.

Maggi Young:
I will start the ball rolling with some photos sent  from Tony Goode of Crocus seeds ......

 crocus abantensis
 crocus adanensis
 crocus aerius
 crocus alatavicus
 crocus ancyrensis
 crocus angustifolius
 crocus biflorus adamii
 crocus biflorus biflorus
 crocus biflorus isauricus
 crocus cancellatus

 click on the photos to enlarge them......

Maggi Young:
more Crocus seed pix from TonyG.....
 crocus chrysanthus
 crocus corsicus
 crocus cvijicii
 crocus cyprius
 crocus dalmaticus
 crocus danfordiae
 crocus etruscus
 crocus flavus
 crocus gargaricus
 crocus goulimyi

Maggi Young:
further Crocus seed pix......

 crocus hyemalis
 crocus imperati
 crocus karduchorum
 crocus kosaninii
 crocus kotschyanus
 crocus laevigatus
 crocus longiflorus
 crocus minimus
 crocus niveus
 crocus nudiflorus   

Maggi Young:
next batch.....

 crocus ochroleucus
 crocus pestalozzae
 crocus rujanensis
 crocus serotinus salzmannii
 crocus sieberi atticus
 crocus sieberi sieberi
 crocus speciosus
 crocus tommasinianus
 crocus veluchensis
 crocus vernus albiflorus


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