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.....une petite fleur : Acis fabrei

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Hans J:
.....une petite fleur ....but very rare: Acis fabrei

Before some years sent me a plantfriend a article about a new Acis species :
A.fabrei he know that I'm interested for this small genus .
After a lot of searching for any sources of these plants or seeds I have realized that it is a really rare species also asking many plant people and specialists could not help me . This plants are endemic in the Vaucluse only in small populations .
We make very often in the Provence our holiday and so I decide to search for this plants ....it is very difficult without any help .
Now after 4 travels and uncounted KM of walks I had luck in this year and found this rare plants in flowers .....the population was only in a quader of 10 x 5 m I have not count the plants but I think they was maybe 100 plants .....so all of you believe me that I'm very lucky on this day .

Please don't ask me anybody about this location it is secret !

I have tried after this found to find similar locations with these plants....without any chance !

The next related Acis is shure A.nicaense ....it is not so far ( maybe 300 km ) this plants grows in the area of Nizza . But never was found any populations of Acis between Vaucluse and Nizza ....
A main difference is the size : A.nicaense is bigger in all parts and has mostly two flowers ....A.fabrei is a really dwarf with always only one flower .

I'm very glad to share my pictures for all members of this wonderful forum


Hans J:
some more :

Hans J:
and more :

Hans, a wonderful finding! Congratulations!!!!

Maggi Young:
Well done for your success in finally finding this very charming little flower, Hans. Super fotos!


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