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Dunblane Early Bulb Day Saturday 17th February 2007

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Maggi Young:
Victoria Hall, Dunblane 10 am to 4pm   Not one but TWO TALKS BY Jānis Rukāns  from Latvia.
Non-competitive display of bulbs and plants : plants sales : tea: chat: general delight and excitement at the first national event of the SRGC year.  You should be there, everyone else will be!
The Victoria Hall is on Stirling Roaad, Dunblane, Perthshire, opposite the railway station, across from the Tesco store!
 Plants for display can be staged 9am to 10am Saturday 17th. The Tlaks will beat 11 am and 2pm.
The  RHS Joint Rock Plant Committee will meet at 12noon. Plants for consideration must be registered by 11am.
Though the display of plants is non-competititve, there can three awards made of ten, five ad three pounds () to pans of Crocus grown fronm seed by the exhibitor: this is the Brookfield Prize.

mark smyth:
I'll be there! flights booked, Craigton Hotel booked ...

Maggi Young:
Yup! Ian must remember to book the bus!

mark smyth:
In his absence maybe Maggi should book the bus!

No hurry for that, Mark, besides, Ian has a special rapport with the Bus Co. Booking Lady, I'd hate to come between them .

Hi Maggie

The NE England contingent are planning to come in a modest charabanc as well - as the summer visits organiser I seem to have become responsible for this. All I can say is summer comes early in Dunblane! ;D

We'll see you all there



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