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Blackpool Show 17th March 2007

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Maggi Young:
All the fun of the seaside  AND  the Blackpool Show!

Hi there
 I was just wondering where the Blackpool show will take place.
Thanks Dan

Maggi Young:
Good question, Dan... I was going to get to that later!
The Blackpool Show will be held in the Collegiate High School, Blackpool Old Road, Blackpool FY3 7LS.
These  are the directions given in SRGC show schedule for 2006:" Make for M6 and turn off at Junction 33 onto the A6 and head south. Turn onto the A586 signposted Blackpool. After lights at A585/A586 Jn, continue on A586 through three more sets of lights; at next set of lights turn right onto Blackpool Old Road." Sadly, there is no clue as to where we might be when urged to "make for the M6" so I am little the wiser!
I suggest you enter the postcode into and see what that tells you! Sorry not to be more help!
Regular forum Star John Forrest lives nearby and may come to our rescue with better directions!

John Forrest:
Those instructons will certainly get you there and the only thing I can add is that after the last instruction turn right into the first large school on the right. As far as the M6 reference, it depends where you are coming from. Where do you live Dan? If you are coming from the south it would make no sense to use JNC 33 (in terms of mileage) except that the directions are simpler. If you want the southern instructions let me know but better still ask santa for a SAT NAV  ;D. I got one for my 60th birthday and have all the show venues stored. Now I can chat away to my companion (usually Lionel Clarkson) whilst a lovely lady tells me where to go.(I have a lady at home who also tells me where to go from time to time  :o).

Thank you both for the information. We live just outside preston so not that far. Hope to see you both there.
Thanks Ellen and Dan


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