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Maggi Young:
Visit historic Hexham on Saturday 31st March: you could win a Farrer Medal, enjoy the show and spend lots at the plant stalls.

I shall be there and it'll be my birthday!

The Hexham show is a worth while excuse to visit Northumberland. Being only 147 miles from Ayr, it's a mere doddle there and back.
Apart from being a great show, you can try delicacies such as "singing hinnies" and visit Mrs. Miggins tea rooms, (of Blackadder fame ) for a slice of Pecan Pie - if I have left any.  Listening to the Geordie accent and banter at the open air market is also most entertaining.

Anthony Darby:
I don't think Edmund would have been eating pecan pie in Mrs Miggins pie shop, somehow? ;) Perhaps Herring and fruit pie (

Maggi Young:
Mmmmm? Herring and fruit pie? Reminds me of my chum Lorna's surprising new soup: Rhubarb and potato :
It was thoroughly disgusting. She;s a woman witha lot in common with Baldrick . ::)


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