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"Stirling" Show held in Sunny Dunblane- 24th March 2007

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Maggi Young:
Gather at the Victoria Hall, Dunblane for this toothsome event... early exhibitors might get a chocolate egg!

Sandy Leven:
Bribery might work to increase the number of entries.
When is Easter in 2007?
If I buy the easter eggs just now, will they be 2006 vintage left overs or 2007 early supply?
I will concentrate on selection boxes for now.

Please remember always to brush your teeth after finishing a selection box.

At the Stirling show we encourage exhibitors to brush their teeth after consuming their chocolate egg.

Bring your plants and your toothbrush

Maggi Young:
Getting excited about the next SRGC show this coming Saturday ! Not that we have much to exhibit, ghastly weather outside and roots trough the base of pots under glass has kyboshed that possibility. 
BD and I have been asked to judge, though, so it will be easier if we will not be disqualified from any classes. Wonder if we will agree on anything?  Sandy Leven  hasn't been too well lately, (and had to be forcibly restrained from going to Blackpool last week  where he risked doing himself a mischief) and Jean Broome (who, side by side with Hazel Smith, are the mainstays of the Group plantstall) has just had heart surgery, so volunteers will be even more welcome than usual at this event.
Sandy is on the mend and has had many get well soon wishes and I hope that Jean will be cheered by our hopes that she is soon back home and firing on all eight cyclinders!
Venue for the Show is the same as the Early Bulb Day, the Victoria Hall, Station Road, Dunblane. Parking for non-exhibitors is limited by the hall, but parking is allowed on the nearby main road, only a couple of hundred yards away. I hesitate to suggest you might use the Tesco car park over the railway footbridge....if you get arrested, don't blame me!

Change of details: There is NO staging on Friday night . Only Staging from 8.30am to 10.00 am on the Saturday morning.
Show open 12 noon to 4pm.  I am not 100% sure, but I don't think there will be access to the plant stalls between the judging beginning at 10.15am and the show opening at 12 noon. Watch this space for updates.

Anthony Darby:
The Tesco car park doubles as the station car park, so no chance of being arrested. There is also a car park down the Millrow (turn right before the bridge by the Stirling Arms Hotel (closed) immediately after turning left at the bottom of Beech Road). 

Maggi Young:
Thanks,Anthony, excellent local  info ! Hadn't realised that about the "Tesco" car park.

N.B. There is NO staging on the Friday evening, only on Saturday morning. Thanks to DS for note re this!


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