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cover-smallThe Scottish Rock Garden Club
For people who love plants

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The Scottish Rock Garden Club

Scottish Rock Garden Club Established 1933

The Club for people who love plants.

  • Plant enthusiasts join together from around the world to share and enjoy a love of plants.
  • Amateur or professional, beginner or expert.

  • Small garden, large garden, bog garden, woodland garden, raised beds, troughs.
  • Dwarf herbaceous, bulbs corms and tubers,trees shrubs,cacti succulents, orchids.

  • Displays, Shows, Plant sales and exchanges.
  • Meetings, Conferences with world class talks.
  • Grants and Award schemes.

  • Website and forum.
  • Journals and Seed exchange.

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The SRGC Forum

The SRGC Forum provides a place

- for meeting online to bring together the international membership of the Club, for plant related and social interaction, making it a world-wide Local Group!

- to learn more about the plants that interest us

- to share photos and discussion on plants of all types of interest to members, about cultivation, propagation, taxonomy; the list goes on!

- to follow threads on individual genera, specialist groups, gardens, field trips, plant holidays and even recipes!

The Forum provides all the facilities that a local meeting would for members and , in addition, can be read by anyone and registration is also open, ensuring that the SRGC shares this asset as widely as possible.

In the many hundreds of thousands of posts in the Forum, there are countless thousands of photographs of plants, in the wild and in cultivation and reports on natural habitats, from hundreds of members.

This means that the Forum contains a type of informal "Wiki", and provides one of the largest resources of plant information available. This treasure trove is, of course, searchable.

The SRGC Forum: Read it, join it, contribute, learn, enjoy!


Click here to visit the SRGC Forum

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    Erythronium japonicum

    Ian Young's Weekly Bulb Log Diary

    Published every week since January 2003

    Click here to view

    Narcissus cantabricus petunioides

    Extensively illustrated and crammed full of
    practical advice on how to grow bulbs in
    both the garden and pots with a strong
    emphasis on raising from seeds.
    It is not
    exclusively bulbs as Ian also features the
    wide range of plants the Youngs grow in
    their garden, troughs and raised beds.


    Erythroniums in cultivation     Erythroniums in Cultivation  278 page

         fully illustrated E-Book by Ian Young
         Free PDF. Click image  to download.


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    Duncum Mt. with rock sentinels thumb

     The International Rock Gardener:

    is a monthly online magazine for all for all plant lovers.

    Click here to view


    Androsace-helvetica-MichalHoppe thumbl

    Edited by:

    Margaret Young, Zdenek Zvolánek and Ian Young. IRG is an international celebration of plants in habitat and in gardens to showcase the beauty of the plants, where they are found in nature or as they are used in garden settings and give brief comments on cultivation.

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    The Club for people who love plants

    Plant enthusiasts join together from around the world

     to share and enjoy a love of plants

    Amateur or professional, beginner or expert


    Small garden, large garden, bog garden, woodland garden, raised beds, troughs


    Dwarf herbaceous, bulbs, corms and tubers,trees shrubs,
    cacti succulents, orchids


    Displays, Shows, Plant sales and exchanges,

     Meetings, Conferences with world class talks


    Grants and Award schemes, Website and forum, Journals
    and Seed exchange


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    for Diana Aitchison Grants and the Exploration Fund




The Archibald Archive:

The collected documents of Jim Archibald, one of the foremost independent  seed collectors of our time.
Click here to view.


2021 Conference


Details of the Conference can be found here

Some Of Our Plants


Androsace sempervivoides

Androsace vandellii







Saxifraga georgei

Tecophilaea cyanocrocus
var leichtlinii



Quick Links

The SRGC web site and forum is a large and valuable resource. Here are a few quick links to features you may find interesting!

Seedexchange: We list seeds of over 5000 species annually.

Journal: One of the world's best publications for rock gardeners.

Shows: Every year we hold shows in Scotland and in northern England.

Events: What's happening?

Seeking Plant information?

Phelypaea coccineaIn addition to the articles on this website, which includes over a hundred of our Journals, the SRGC has a huge resource of thousands of plant photos and information in the pages of the interactive Forum. The Forum is fully searchable and you may well find there all you need to know about a particular plant.

To search the Forum click here

Support The SRGC

We at the Scottish Rock Garden Club pride ourselves in being one of the world's friendliest, most forward looking and open plant societies.

We are constantly looking for ways to be even more open, more inclusive and to provide ever expanding resources for ordinary plant lovers.

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Scottish Rock Garden Club is a Charity registered with Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR): SC000942

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