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The International Rock Garden Conference 2021 is  progressing through its planning stages.

Advance notice for your diaries: the International Rock Garden Conference 2021 - a gathering for lovers of plants, gardens and mountains - will be held 08-11 May 2021 at Perth Concert Hall, Perth, Scotland.
Advance notice for your diaries:

SRGC looks forward to welcoming you all to Scotland in 2021.

 More information will follow in the coming months and years!

We are confident that this will be a superb event where  plant lovers from across the world  can convene to celebrate our  common interests.

Information will also be posted in the SRGC Forum - HERE and on this  dedicated Facebook Page - HERE




First national SRGC Event of the season - Early Bulb Day

17th February 2018 in Dunblane -
This usually proves to be the most  popular event  of the year - first chance to get together and chat about things and the  first chance of some retail therapy from some great nurseries!!  Not to mention the  good grub  to sustain visitors through the day!

 Speakers  are  the wonderful Jānis Rukšāns from Latvia and "new" speaker, Mat Murray from Australia plus displays and plant sales  Victoria Hall, Dunblane FK15 9EX 10am -4pm All welcome!!

Janis Ruksans



Mat Murray


SHOW SECRETARY: Mr Sandy Leven, 2 Leighton Court, Dunblane, Perthshire, FK15 0ED
Telephone 01786 824064 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
ENTRIES: To be staged on the day. Queries to the Show Secretary
STAGING: 9.00 - 10.00 am, Saturday of the show
PARKING: Parking may be restricted outside the hall.
Parking can be found in Station Square, Mill Road, Tesco, on the main road, or
behind the Cathedral
Plants for consideration must be registered by 11.00 am.
BROOKFIELD PRIZE one pan Crocus grown from seed by the exhibitor.
First prize £10 Second £5 Third £3

 Members: Please Read This Before You Attend

Members are invited to contribute to the day by bringing as many pans of dwarf bulbs and early flowering alpine plants as possible.
Space will be available for cut flowers of plants which members do not want to disturb in the garden. Please bring your own vases for cut flowers.
Every contribution increases the value of the display for others.
Please bring as many pans of bulbs and alpines as possible.
Plants will be grouped into `classes' on the morning between 9 am and 10 am.
The usual rule of one pan per class per exhibitor will be waived. No points will be awarded.
Members may also stage small exhibits comprising several exhibits to show variation in species etc.
Contributions are invited to the 50:50 plant sale and raffle, which will be held to cover expenses.
Members are asked to help with the teas and plant stall as this day is organised by the Bulb Group rather than a local group.
The Bulb Group’s activities benefit all members.


N. B. A consolidated programme for all SRGC Group meetings and events has been prepared by Matt Topsfield - thanks Matt!
 Download the consolidated programme - click here


Latest SRGC Secretary's Pages  /"Dryas" news booklet- Summer 2017  - click here

David Boyd Event, 2018 - Friday 22nd - Sunday 24th June

Please note that the headline to the article in 'Dryas', the new SRGC newsletter, about the 2018 David Boyd Event gives incorrect dates. The dates in the body of the article and here are the correct ones, that is Friday 22 - Sunday 24 June 2018



The SRGC website contains many resources to interest and inform  plant lovers. For instance.....

The Bulb Log

In 2003 Ian Young started the Bulb Log, as a one year project, with no idea of how popular it would become. It is now in its fifteenth year - faithfully published every week.
Bulb Log main page can be found via this link. 
The content  remains much as it always has been - a personal diary covering all aspects of the bulbs Ian grows both under glass and in the open garden as well as any other garden plants and  projects that he may be working on.

The  Bulb Log  for 12th July 2017 shows how everyone should have an island, or two ! Plus updates on the new beds @IanYoung is working on - see it via this link.    

The Bulb Log is  supplemented by a series of videos, listed in the SRGC Forum, here, of course, but also all available on YouTube  - over 100 so far - THIS LINK is  the main page for those videos.

The International Rock Gardener ( IRG )

Since January 2010 The Scottish Rock Garden Club has presented a monthly online magazine for Rock Gardeners which will be posted as a PDF on the SRGC site at the end of each month.
Every issue of the IRG can be downloaded from this link.
Each issue will have a mix of photo based items, our target being a minimum of pots and a maximum of plants in the wild and in gardens, from photographers in different countries.
This will be an international celebration, if you will, of mountain plants in habitat and our gardens.
Our aim is to showcase the beauty of the plants, where they are found in nature or as they are used in garden settings and give brief comments on cultivation.
This venture is coordinated and compiled by Margaret Young with  Zdenek Zvolanek and Ian Young.
The world of rock gardeners is just that: an international community of people with a deep interest in the flora of the mountains and wild places; we hope to provide a regular electronic glimpse of these plants.

YOUR contributions are not only most welcome; we are actively seeking your input which will be key to the vigour of this enterprise.
To submit material for inclusion in the International Rock Gardener This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject line "E-Magazine". A full Index to International Rock Gardener, prepared by Glassford Sprunt, is updated each month and is available to download from HERE  

You are most welcome to read and, we hope, enjoy all the features provided by the SRGC. 


SRGC Shows and Events 2017 


SRGC 2017 full Show Schedule  is available HERE

for dates, venues and other details.

For more details CLICK HERE for the SHOWS section of  the main  SRGC website or the SRGC Forum Section HERE which also shows which nurseries are expected to attend each show.

SRGC Show Dates for 2017

Dunblane Early Bulb Display 18th February
Kendal 18th March

Stirling Show (Kincardine) 25th March

Hexham  1st April - new contact : Angus Thompson, The Old Garden House, Belsay Hall, Belsay, Northumberland NE20 0DX   
Telephone 01661 881240   



 Edinburgh  8th April
 Perth 15th April

 Highland Show (Nairn)  29th April
 Glasgow 6th  May
 Aberdeen 20th May
 Summer Event (Dunblane) 19th August

 AberdeenLate Bulb Day 23rd September
 Newcastle (Ponteland) 7th  October
 Discussion Weekend 14th October



For more details CLICK HERE for the SHOWS section of  the main  SRGC website or the SRGC Forum Section HERE which also shows which nurseries are expected to attend each show.



 SRGC Local Groups

The SRGC has Local Groups in Scotland and the North of England - click HERE for contact details and programmes.   For general queries: email via the "Contact Us" button from the menu at the top of this page.  

The SRGC Secretary is  Carolyn  McNab, Barmagachan House, Borgue, Kirkcudbright DG6 4SW   

who can be contacted by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." target="_blank">HERE




Scottish Rock Garden Club  1933- 2013- Anniversary Party !
2013 was our 80th anniversary. We held a birthday party at the Pitlochry
Festival Theatre on Sunday 23rd June.
 See the assembled members at the Pitlochry Party :
and read Sandy Leven's personal reports:


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