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March 2020

With the  Corona Virus pandemic causing  events  to  be  cancelled  or  postponed  across  the  world, we  must  expect  that  news  of  which events  will remain on the  calendar  to take  place  to change  rapidly.
 We  will advise  here in the  Forum  of  changes  to SRGC events, as  decided  either  by  government  or  SRGC decision.

All SRGC Spring Shows  from March to May  have  been cancelled  as has the  May  Mull David  Boyd  Event and  most  local group meetings. 



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SRGC has a very useful section on this website  of  LINKS to  sites  of interest : there are  nearly 260 sites listed, these  include Nurseries, Plant Related Web Sites, Miscellaneous Related  Info sites (Holidays, Garden Supplies  etc.),  Plant Societies and Seed Suppliers. Members are invited to  submit  details  of  website they feel are missing from the lists.  The  Links Pages  can be found  HERE :



2021conference  logo

    We hope you are all remembering to.....

save the  dates
for the International Rock Garden Conference 2021 - this  gathering for lovers of plants, gardens and mountains -

will be held 08-11 May 2021 at Perth Concert Hall, Perth, Scotland.....   

SRGC looks forward to welcoming you all to Scotland in 2021.

Booking  is  now  open - HERE

More information online  now  - HERE

We are confident that this will be a superb event where  plant lovers from across the world  can convene to celebrate our  common interests.

Information will also be posted on this  dedicated Facebook Page - HERE  and  in the  SRGC Forum - HERE. 



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 Annual subscriptions for postal members become due on 1st October, please renew promptly to be able to take part in the Seed Exchange and retain other membership features.  :)

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The SRGC website contains many resources of to interest and inform  plant lovers. For instance.....

The Bulb Log

In 2003 Ian Young started the Bulb Log, as a one year project, with no idea of how popular it would become. It is now in its fifteenth year - faithfully published every week.
Bulb Log main page can be found via this link. 
The content  remains much as it always has been - a personal diary covering all aspects of the bulbs Ian grows both under glass and in the open garden as well as any other garden plants and  projects that he may be working on.

The  Bulb Log  for 12th July 2017 shows how everyone should have an island, or two ! Plus updates on the new beds @IanYoung is working on - see it via this link.    

The Bulb Log is  supplemented by a series of videos, listed in the SRGC Forum, here, of course, but also all available on YouTube  - over 100 so far - THIS LINK is  the main page for those videos.


The International Rock Gardener ( IRG )

Since January 2010 The Scottish Rock Garden Club has presented a monthly online magazine for Rock Gardeners which will be posted as a PDF on the SRGC site at the end of each month.
Every issue of the IRG can be downloaded from this page.
Each issue will have a mix of photo based items, our target being a minimum of pots and a maximum of plants in the wild and in gardens, from photographers in different countries.
This will be an international celebration, if you will, of mountain plants in habitat and our gardens.
Our aim is to showcase the beauty of the plants, where they are found in nature or as they are used in garden settings and give brief comments on cultivation.
This venture is coordinated and compiled by Margaret Young with  Zdenek Zvolanek and Ian Young.
The world of rock gardeners is just that: an international community of people with a deep interest in the flora of the mountains and wild places; we hope to provide a regular electronic glimpse of these plants.

YOUR contributions are not only most welcome; we are actively seeking your input which will be key to the vigour of this enterprise.
To submit material for inclusion in the International Rock Gardener This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject line "E-Magazine". A full Index to International Rock Gardener, prepared by Glassford Sprunt, is updated each month and is available to download from HERE  

You are most welcome to read and, we hope, enjoy all the features provided by the SRGC. 



 Links from SRGC to other websites

On this page of the website  you can find links to many websites of interest to SRGC members: other plant organisations, nurseries, seed suppliers etc.

For a List of Specialist Plant Nurseries as a pdf, compiled by  David Nicholson, you may download that HERE.



The SRGC Secretary is  Hannah Wilson,

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." target="_blank" title="email SRGC Secretary">who can be contacted by email HERE



SRGC on Social Media

SRGC is now on Instagram too.
Instagram is an easy way to share images and short content. It will also have a link to the website.To get Instagram just simply download the app to your phone or view on a web page.               Our username is srg_club, so you can follow us at

SRGC has been on Twitter for some time :    @ScottishRockgc
 and  also on Facebook :   @ScottishRockGC
- and of course, as ever the  SRGC forum  is open to all - it  is archived and searchable  and your contributions are always welcome.




Volunteers needed for SRGC !!

Volunteer posts to fill:

The post of Chair of Local Group Conveners is vacant - please get involved - your Club needs YOUR help to continue its  great work.

Our Secretary, Carolyn McNab wishes to demit  office  in November 2019 so a volunteer is also sought to take on this post.

If you feel you could help out the Club  by putting yourself forward for this position or any of the other vacant positions,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you!



SRGC Electronic Membership

The SRGC Web Team has been working to improve the system for registration and renewal of the electronic subscription to the SRGC – which is for those who wish to access the Journals etc online only, with no postal communication from the club.

For those with current e-subscriptions you may log in on the new online subscriptions pages using your registered email address and current password to access the Members’ section and Journals. For those whose subscriptions have very recently expired - you too may log in on the new online subscriptions pages  using your registered email address and current password to renew your membership - after checking that all your address details are correctly entered.

Those people wishing to join the SRGC with an electronic-only subscription please complete a new registration on the new online subscriptions pages.


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Various Grants for Students and for Plant Exploration are available from the SRGC ........   see HERE   


Success for expedition with members sponsored by SRGC Exploration Grants

An Expedition  to Bhutan, with  members Johan Nilson (Gothenburg Botanic Garden), Elspeth Mackintosh (RBG Edinburgh) and Julia Corden (Explorers' Garden, Pitlochry) - all sponsored by the Exploration Fund of SRGC, along with other members, Martin Walsh, Koen Van Poulke and Ann de Rijke have found a  beautiful primula last seen decades ago.


Primula sherriffiae in the wild - photo by Sonam Wangchan, who lead the trip


After 81 years Primula sherriffiae  has been found on steep mossy cliffs at  2120m in Bhutan.
Also growing on the cliff was Primula ludlowii - As recorded by Sherriff and Ludlow in 1934.

The expedition was lead by Sonam Wangchan owner of Bhutan Excursions. He climbed the cliff to find the plants!


 - this message was received from Julia Corden 8th July 2015

Warm congratulations  to all members of the expedition!



Amazon Affiliate  Programme


A way for anyone to contribute to the SRGC's funds

A new item has been added to the pages of the forum and to the main page of the SRGC. This is a link to the Amazon website.
ANY item bought  via one of these links will earn some money for the SRGC at no cost to the Club. Though many think of Amazon as a bookselling company, in fact one can source all manner of items via Amazon.        
The SRGC is no longer selling books and we hope that members and others reading and appreciating this site will, if they wish to purchase an item from Amazon or one of their partner sellers, do so via one of the links on our site. In this way, not only will members benefit from some of the good deals available there but the SRGC will also gain a monetary return from each transaction.
If you shop online with Amazon you can benefit the Scottish Rock Garden Club at the same time!
You must access the sale via one of the SRGC links for this to be achieved.
We trust this will add a new dimension to your online shopping when you can contribute to the SRGC !
We do hope that you will consider using this method for the benefit of the Club.


Thank you for visiting the SRGC site, please email via the "Contact Us" button from


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For postal contact with the SRGC : please write to


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The SRGC is a registered charity: SCO 00942



 The SRGC Constitution was revised November 2013 - click here



SRGC members given top honour by RCHS - 2013

Former SRGC President Glassford Sprunt was honoured by the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society with a special presentation at the SRGC Early Bulb Day in recognition of his highly regarded and significant contribution to horticulture and gardening in Scotland. Click here to read more.


                    RCHS President Pam Whittle with Glassford Sprunt

Carole Baxter, best known as a presenter of the Beechgrove Garden Television programme and a long time SRGC member,  was honoured in March  by the award of the Scottish Horticultural Medal by the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society.
The Scottish Horticultural Medal (SHM)  is an award first introduced in 1950 to mark the 150th anniversary of the RCHS. The award is strictly limited to a maximum of 50 recipients and is awarded to anyone, anywhere, who has made an outstanding service, professional or amateur, to Scottish Horticulture.
Jim McColl presents SHM to Carole Baxter
   Jim McColl, Honorary President of the Caley,  presents Carole Baxter with the Scottish Horticultural Medal.
The Caley AGM and award ceremony was held on  March 5th.
Congratulations to all the award winners presented with their awards that evening: Carole Baxter, Dr Mark Watson, Lindsay Morrison, Sandra Maclennan, Constance Gilleghan, Jim Laurie, Nan Henderson, Peter Guthrie Finulla McCloskey and Fiona Fitzelle. [Glassford Sprunt received his award at the Dunblane Bulb Day, see below.]


 February 16th 2013:  Honour for SRGC stalwart, Glassford Sprunt

At the SRGC Early Bulb Day held in Dunblane on 16th February,  the President of the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society, Pam Whittle, was in attendance to present a Certificate of Merit from the RCHS (or "the Caley" as it is affectionately known) to SRGC past President and devoted supporter, Glassford Sprunt.  Many congratulations to Glassford for this honour.   Click here to see more.



For general  queries to the SRGC : please email using the "Contact Us" button  in the top menu of this page.




Various Grants for Students and for Plant Exploration are available from the SRGC ........   see HERE


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Phelypaea coccineaIn addition to the articles on this website, which includes over a hundred of our Journals, the SRGC has a huge resource of thousands of plant photos and information in the pages of the interactive Forum. The Forum is fully searchable and you may well find there all you need to know about a particular plant.

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