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Show Rules

Written by SRGC


SRGC SHOWS updated 2017


 1. Exhibitors must be members of the Club, unless otherwise stated.

2. The term `rock plant' shall mean any plant suitable for the rock garden, bog garden, wild

garden or alpine house.

3. Section I is open to all members. Section II is open only to members who, at the start of the

show year have not won more than 50 SRGC Section II First Prizes. Section III is for Junior

members. Section IV is for non-competitive exhibits of plants, photographs, paintings,

sketches, etc. Council is anxious to encourage these to make the shows as successful as

possible. Please advise the Show Secretary of the size of the exhibit by the entry date.

4. All plants for competition should be clearly labelled and the names should be horizontally

displayed. Inaccurate naming shall not be a disqualification.

5. Competitive exhibits must be the property of the exhibitor and must have been in his or her

possession for at least six months before the date of the Show.

6. No competitor may have more than one exhibit in any one class, unless specified for that class

in the schedule.

7. No exhibit shall be removed from the hall between the hours of judging and the close of the

Show without the permission of the Show Secretary.

8. All exhibits must be removed at the end of the Show.
9. The scoring for all awards based on an aggregate of points will be as follows:

                       First      Second  Third

6 Pan Classes   180pts   120pts   60pts

3 Pan Classes   90pts      60pts    30pts

2 Pan Classes   60pts      40pts    20pts

1 Pan Classes   30pts      20pts    10pts

10. The Show Secretary shall appoint Judges for the Show, and their decisions shall be taken as

final. For Sections I and II at least two of the three Judges shall be selected from those names

on the Club's Panel of Judges which is held by the Chairman of the Show Secretaries'

Committee. At least one of these three Judges shall reside outside the immediate

neighbourhood of the town where the Show is being held. For Sections other than I and II,

Show Secretaries are at liberty to use their discretion. No Show Secretary shall appoint a

Judge who has already served at the Show for the previous two consecutive years.

11. Any protest must be delivered in writing within half an hour of the Show opening on the first

day of the Show to the Show Secretary, who will then appoint a Committee of not less than

three persons who will consider the protest.

12. All cups and trophies (except medals) to be held for one year. Cost of engraving trophies may

be reclaimed from relevant show secretaries.

13. All exhibitors, except those officially retained, shall leave the hall at the commencement of


14.a) All plants entered in classes for plants `grown from seed'  must be

accompanied  by date of sowing and may be accompanied by botanical notes (unless stated as a requirement)

b) All plants entered in classes for plants `new, rare or difficult' must be accompanied by botanical notes giving cultural requirements and, if grown from seed,must include date of sowing.

15. Classes for bulbous plants include corms and tubers. Judges should exclude rhizomes and

Orchidaceae, but may give liberal interpretation to plants coming under the other headings.

They should look for established plants.

16. Cyclamen 'groups' - C. hederifolium 'group' includes CC. africanum, confusum, hederifolium and h. crassifolium. C. graecum 'group' includes graecum and  maritimum


17. All plants should be free of pests and diseases. Any plants may be removed to a safe place by

 the Show Secretary if in his or her opinion a plant is harbouring pests or diseases.

18. Botanical Lists: Plant taxa appearing in the Show Schedules are listed below following the convention of APG4. If in doubt as to whether a specimen belongs to one of these taxa, for which there is a

class, enquiry should be made of the Show Secretary.

    Download the list of plant taxa - family to genera - here.


    For a list of genus to family, download this list here.


1. All plants exhibited may be in or out of flower, and the term `pan' shall be taken to mean `pan'

or `pot'.

2. Members of the Trade shall be allowed to sell plants other than those exhibited during the

Club Shows, subject to the discretion of the Show Secretary concerned.

3. The Club accepts no responsibility for exhibits or private property left in the Hall.

4. There are three joint AGS-SRGC shows each year, in Kendal, Northumberland and Newcastle.

The show notes and rules of each Society are applied in alternate years, with the award of Farrer or Forrest Medals as appropriate. It is important that exhibitors and judges recognise that there are a few differences between the rules of each Society and they should consult and apply the appropriate rules. The key difference is in the definitions used for bulbous plants. For example, the AGS rules allow for rhizomes, as in Iris and Trillium but exclude Cyclamen, whereas the SRGC rules allow for Cyclamen and Rhodohypoxis but exclude Trillium and Oncocyclus Iris. AGS rules referred to are available HERE 

At these joint shows members of both AGS and SRGC are eligible for all prizes, medals and other awards.  Points count towards seasonal aggregates and merit medals according to membership.


5. Show Secretaries are requested to send a list of `firsts' gained in Sections I and II of their

Show as soon as possible after each Show, using the forms supplied, to Mrs Jean Wyllie,

1 Wallace Rd, Dunblane, FK15 9HY. Phone 01786-822593, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



may be awarded at each club show, to the most meritorious plant or pan of rock plant(s)

(one variety) exhibited in the scheduled classes.

Plants eligible for the award should come from the following:

a. a plant that has won its class outright

b. a plant from a multi-pan entry (the entry need not have won the class)

c. a plant from the non-competitive classes

A Forrest medal shall not be awarded more than once in any one year at the Spring/Summer

Shows to the same individual plant.

To members who have previously won this Medal an Award Card will be awarded

instead of another medal.


Is presented to any member winning a total of ten Forrest Medals, to mark the achievement.

Thereafter members winning subsequent Forrest Medals will receive an Award Card only.


The judges shall have the power to award a Certificate of Merit to any exhibitor for a plant.

The number of such certificates in any one Show shall not be limited, but the standard must

be kept high.


May be awarded at each Club Show to the competitor with the highest aggregate of points in

Section II. A Bronze Medal shall not be awarded unless an exhibitor obtains 20% of the

total points available in Section II of the show, except where, in the opinion of the Show

Secretary and judges, the entries of that exhibitor are of outstanding merit. `Points available'

are calculated by totalling the points available from first prizes in the section. The

exhibitor's aggregate of points must be at least 20% of the total; but may have been obtained

from any prize placings. In the case of a `tie' two Bronze Medals will be awarded. To

members who have previously won a Bronze Medal an Award Card will be awarded instead

of another medal.


may be awarded to a plant, exhibited on a trade or professional display, which in the opinion

of the judges is of the same standard as expected for the Forrest Medal.


may be awarded in each of the following categories:

(i) Built-up Rock Garden

 (ii) Rock Garden Plants in Pans

(iii) Floral Display

 (iv) Display of Photographs

(v) Display of Paintings or Drawings


is awarded annually to the Plantsman of the Year, the exhibitor gaining the highest

aggregate of First Prize points in Section I of Club Shows in the calendar year


is awarded annually to the exhibitor in Section II who gains the highest aggregate of first

prize points.


will be awarded for First Prizes gained in Section I. The only exceptions are that no `firsts'

awarded for cut flowers or floral arrangements will be eligible. One Medal only of each will

be awarded as follows:

Bronze Merit Medal after gaining 10 First Prizes

Silver Merit Medal after gaining 25 First Prizes

Gold Merit Medal after gaining 50 First Prizes

Subsequent Gold Merit Medal winners will receive an Award Card only.


A new trophy funded from the sale of seed from the Gothenburg Botanic Garden. To go to

the best plant grown from seed, cuttings or bought from the Garden and exhibited at a SRGC

Show over a year (covers the North of England Shows). Plants that qualify will be

photographed on a digital camera and relayed on the internet to Gothenburg for the final

judging by the Alpine Department. The trophy will be given out at the AGM in

the autumn.

11. Alpines 2001 TROPHY

This trophy rotates between the competitive shows in date order. If two shows change

position in date sequence, the trophy moves in such a way as no show has the trophy for

two consecutive years and no shows miss a year. It is awarded for the best cushion plant in

the show.

12. Alpine Garden Society - Ulster Group Quaich

Presented by the AGS Ulster Group to commemorate the 75th SRGC Anniversary. This

trophy rotates between the competitive shows in date order. If two shows change position

in date sequence, the trophy moves in such a way as no show has the trophy for two

consecutive years and no shows miss a year.


13. The Williamson Cup

This cup will be awarded at the AGM for the best entry to Class 5 of the Twice-yearly

Photographic/Art Competition, exhibited in the current show year. See twice-yearly

photographic/art completion schedule.


Judges are asked to observe the following Rules in making awards:

1. Classes other than those specified in categories  2 and 3 below.

Points shall be awarded as follows, except for classes in categories 2 and 3 below.

Condition of plant………..… 60

Skill in Cultivation………..… 30

Rarity in Cultivation………... 10

2. Classes for new, rare or difficult plants.

Points shall be awarded as follows:

Difficulty in Cultivation…..… 40

Rarity in Cultivation…….….. 30

Condition…………………… 30

3. Classes of rock plants of generally easy cultivation and grown in the open ground.

Points shall be awarded as follows:

Condition…………………… 50

Garden worthiness………….. 50

Rarity and difficulty………… Nil

4. General Rules.

(i) One well-grown plant shall receive more points than several smaller ones.

(ii) A plant in fruit shall rank equal to a plant in flower.

(iii) No plant, unless in a class for some special quality, shall receive more than half the

points allocated for condition if not in flower or fruit.

(iv) No distinction shall be made between a plant grown in a pot or pan and one lifted

from the open ground.

(v) Only if other points are equal should preference be given to a species over a natural

or garden hybrid.

(vi) The judges are authorised and are requested, to withhold any trophy, prize or award

if they consider the exhibits to be of insufficient merit.



The Joint Rock Garden Plant Committee consists of representatives from The Royal Horticultural

Society, The Alpine Garden Society, and The Scottish Rock Garden Club. It deals with all rock and

alpine house plants other than irises, rhododendrons, narcissi and tulips although it does deal with  dwarf members of these genera when these specialist committees are not meeting.

All current details of the committee, how to submit a plant, where the meeting will be held etc - may be downloaded  here.  

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