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The SRGC runs thirteen Shows a year both competitive and non-competitive. The majority of the shows take place from late March through to the middle of May this coincides with the peak flowering time for most Rock Garden and Alpine Plants which form the bulk of the exhibits.

SRGC Show Dates  - click here  or see below.    

SRGC Show Schedules for each show in 2018:  here


Please note that a couple of errors have slipped into the schedule for the Discussion Weekend Show.

- The Peel Trophy will be award to the winner of Class 27 - 3 pans Gentiana, species and/or hybrids, distinct

- The Logan Home Trophy will be awarded to the winner of Class 48 - 1 miniature garden with longest sides or diameter not exceeding 45cm; no cut flowers

Apologies for any confusion this may have caused.



As can be seen from the list the Shows are held at various locations around the country.

The Kendal, Northumberland and Newcastle Shows are jointly organised with the AGS and the Rules alternate between SRGC rules one year and AGS the next.

Many exhibitors travel around the country, often leaving home at ridiculous times, in order to exhibit their plants at the Shows - it must be fun!

Once at the Show Venue the plants are staged, in the various classes set out in the Show Schedule. The Show Schedules vary from Show to Show but their aim is to divide the plants into types groups or families in an attempt to make Judging easier with similar groups exhibited together.

There are also different sections for beginners and the more experienced to make things easy for the new exhibitors.

When all plants are exhibited by the deadline everyone except the Officials and the Judges must leave the Show Hall to allow the Judges to go to work.

Judges normally go round in groups of three and award First, Second and Third places in each class. Some classes are easily Judged but some particularly the multi-pan Classes can take some time to sort out. Once the Classes have all been Judged the Major Awards are decided the principal being the GEORGE FORREST MEDAL for the most meritorious plant in the Show. At around mid-day the Show is opened to the Members and Public alike the difference being that members get in free.

The Shows provide a real opportunity to see a wide range of Plants including many that are very rare or newly introduced to cultivation along with the old favourites. As well as being able to see the plants there is the chance to purchase a very wide range of unusual and rarely offered plants from the Club sales table and the specialist Nursery Stands that feature at all the Shows.

Art exhibits are also a feature of many of the Shows and the works are sometimes available for sale. Perhaps one of the best opportunities of the Shows is a chance to meet and talk with other growers and enthusiasts and a great deal can be learnt by both novice and expert.


The SRGC full 2018 Show Schedules -HERE

and individual schedules are available - here


  Only dates are given here - the Show Schedules, linked above, 

   contain all details of venues and times of the shows  





Show Secretary change :

Glasgow and West of Scotland Group Convenor and Show Secretary John Lee has  "retired"  after many years in post - the new  Convenor is Alison Ward  and the Glasgow Show Secretary will be Richard Green. Many thanks are due to John  for all his years of service to the Club - and all  best wishes to  Alison and Richard in their new posts.
Glasgow SRGC  Show Secretary : Richard Green   e-mail:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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