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Online Subscription Offers You:

"The Rock Garden"
Our twice yearly journal is one of the world's best publications written for rock gardeners. Interesting, informative and well illustrated in colour, it contains articles on all aspects of rock gardening - cultivation and propagation of alpines, construction of rock gardens, plant portraits and plants in the wild. It is written for both expert and beginner.

Nowadays many people prefer not to have a paper journal : the SRGC Online subscription offers you the chance to have access to an electronic version of the Journals which can be downloaded to your computer/e-reader or tablet device. No paper copies of SRGC publications are posted to online members.

The capacity to carry/store reading matter easily and to benefit from the ability to enlarge pictures and text at will makes this method even more appealing.

Seeds Of Rock Plants And Bulbs
Seed of more than 5000 species and varieties of plants and bulbs suitable for rock, peat and woodland gardens is listed annually. It is collected by members from all over the world and distributed in time for spring sowing. Many of the seeds are unavailable commercially.

Members joining at the SRGC Online Subscription rate will have access to the yearly Seed Exchange.

Meetings And Talks
There are LOCAL GROUPS in: ABERDEEN, AYR, BELFORD, DUNDEE, EDINBURGH, GLASGOW, INVERNESS(Highland), KIRKCUDBRIGHTSHIRE, MORAY, NEWCASTLE, PENRITH, PERTH, RENFREW and STIRLING. These groups organise meetings, illustrated lectures, garden visits and demonstrations. The SRGC holds regular conferences which are open to all members.

UK Members with online Subscriptions will not be automatically be connected with any particular Group. All group details are available on the website and so contact can be made with any group to establish a local group membership if desired.

Plant Shows
There are 11 SRGC Plant Shows and Displays in Scotland and Northern England each year. These show a wide range of interesting and beautiful plants, grown to high standards by expert and novice exhibitors alongside displays of photographs and paintings. Plants and seeds can be bought from the SRGC and SPECIALIST NURSERIES at the Shows. UK Members paying the online subscription rate can apply for a yearly pass for free entry to these shows.

Expert Advice on the cultivation of alpines and rock garden plants is available free to members.

The SRGC Forum serves as an online "local Group" bringing together Members from around the world: it has proved to be a remarkable success in forming a network of gardeners and plant enthusiasts and in building a unique resource of plant experience and knowledge.

Online Subscription Rates:

1 Year Subscription £11
This subscription runs for 12 months from the date of sign-up.

3 Year Subscription £33
This subscription runs for 36 months from the date of sign-up.

Subscription payments are via our secure online payment platform, SagePay, using a Credit or Debit Card. We do not store credit or debit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

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