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A warm welcome to all those considering SRGC membership

You may join the SRGC or renew your previous "postal" membership from this page   

Do please remember to let us know if you move house!

"Postal" membership is for those who wish to receive the printed version of our twice yearly journal and SRGC communications by post. This subscription is available to be paid for online. No "Log-in" is needed for this. You may  apply  for  postal membership online  or  download  a  form to send in  by  post  if  you  prefer.

To apply by post follow the link below, print out the form, complete it then send it to the membership secretary (or simply write to the membership secretary). You can pay your membership by cheque, or credit card (see form for options: VISA and Mastercard only).

To apply on-line follow the links below. Your credit card details will be sent to a secure server (your details will be protected). We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.    You can now also renew your current membership here ! In both cases your membership details will be sent out to you in due course.


You will have access to all of our membership benefits immediately your subscription has been successfully paid.  If you have subscribed online in error, or chosen the wrong membership type, please contact the Subscription Secretary on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will change, cancel, or refund your subscription and resolve the problem straight away, or at the latest within two weeks.


 Please note new subscription rates apply - for example,current "Postal" Subscription Rates for single membership :

 £25  for Overseas  Members (those outside Great Britain/UK) 

£20 for those in GB/UK


 for family membership, UK £23, Overseas £28

UK Single ................................................................   1 year @ £ 20.00 3 years @ £60.00
UK Family ..............................................................    1 year @ £23.00 3 years @ £69.00
UK Junior Membership ...........................................   1 year @ £3.00 3 years @ £9.00

Overseas Single ....................................................      1 year @ £25.00 3 years @ £75.00
Overseas Family ..................................................       1 year @ £28.00 3 years @ £84.00
Overseas Junior Membership .................................    1 year @ £8.00 3 years @ £24.00

Click here to join the club and/or to renew your current "postal" membership DIRECTLY BY CREDIT or Debit CARD on-line via our secure payment facility, SagePay

Click here to join the club and/or to renew your current  "postal"membership on-line BY PAYPAL - a Paypal Account is not needed for this option.

Click here to apply by sending a form by post (this opens a new window with a printable application form which you can mail to us.)

The links to pay give various payment options, by Cheque, Visa or Mastercard Credit or Debit Cards or Paypal - for this option you can use credit or debit cards  and do not need a Paypal account. 

A 3-year option is available for both postal and online versions of subscriptions.


SRGC Subscription Renewal Reminder :
Annual "postal" subscriptions became due on 1st October, please renew promptly to be able to take part in the Seed Exchange and retain other membership features.


For Students the SRGC offers  a free electronic subscription. Send your application toThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Please give your place of study, the date of end of course of study.)  

"Online, electronic" membership is for those who prefer to download the Journals in electronic form and NOT receive any printed matter.

Online electronic "E-sub." members have the same access to the Seed Exchange as "postal" subscribers.  "E-sub." subscriptions are only available for individuals.

SRGC Electronic Membership


The SRGC Web Team has been working to improve the system for registration and renewal of the electronic subscription to the SRGC – which is for those who wish to access the Journals etc online only, with no postal communication from the club.


To access the online subscriptions pages  please  click here.


 "Online Rate" £11 per annum - only available online.

3-year options are available for both postal and online versions of subscriptions.

For those with current e-subscriptions you may log inon the new online subscriptions pages using your registered email address and current password to access the Members’ section and Journals.

For those whose e-subscriptions have very recently expired - you too may log in on the new online subscriptions pages   using your registered email address and current password to renew your membership.

[Please also note  that registrations to take part in the SRGC Forum, which is a separate system, must be made from the Forum pages here.] 


The SRGC Offers You:

"The Rock Garden"
Our twice yearly printed journal is one of the world's best publications written for rock gardeners. Interesting, informative and well illustrated in colour, it contains articles on all aspects of rock gardening - cultivation and propagation of alpines, construction of rock gardens, plant portraits and plants in the wild. It is written for both expert and beginner.


Seeds Of Rock Plants And Bulbs~
Seed of more than 5000 species and varieties of plants and bulbs suitable for rock, peat and woodland gardens is listed annually. It is collected by members from all over the world and distributed in time for spring sowing. Many of the seeds are unavailable commercially.

Meetings And Talks
There are LOCAL GROUPS in: ABERDEEN, AYR, BELFORD, DUNDEE. EDINBURGH, GLASGOW, INVERNESS(Highland), KIRKCUDBRIGHTSHIRE, MORAY, NEWCASTLE, PENRITH, PERTH, RENFREW and STIRLING . These groups organise meetings, illustrated lectures, garden visits and demonstrations. The SRGC holds regular conferences which are open to all members.

Plant Shows
Members are admitted FREE to the 11 SRGC Plant Shows and Displays in Scotland and Northern England. Here you will see a wide range of interesting and beautiful plants, grown to high standards by expert and novice exhibitors alongside displays of photographs and paintings. Plants, seeds and books can be bought from the SRGC and SPECIALIST NURSERIES at the Shows.

Expert Advice
on the cultivation of alpines and rock garden plants is available free to members.

Our Vibrant website  has many interesting permanent and regularly updated features and the Forum is both a meeting place for Members and an increasing resource of plant knowledge.


* Need a Gift Idea?  Gift Membership for SRGC is available *

If you are puzzling over a Birthday or Christmas gift for gardening friends or relatives, why not give them a year's membership of the Scottish Rock Garden Club ? 

This is easy to do online using Paypal as there is a 'notes' box to allow you to put in the name and details of the recipient of your gift and add a message to the recipient if wished or you may  email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with those details.


The SRGC Subscription Secretary  will make sure the welcome pack goes out in a timely fashion (during December for Christmas Gifts) together with your name etc, or alternatively the pack can be sent to you to give to the lucky recipient.


Click HERE to send a Gift Membership of the SRGC


Quick Links

The SRGC web site and forum is a large and valuable resource. Here are a few quick links to features you may find interesting!

Seedexchange: We list seeds of over 5000 species annually.

Journal: One of the world's best publications for rock gardeners.

Shows: Every year we hold shows in Scotland and in northern England.

Events: What's happening?

Seeking Plant information?

Phelypaea coccineaIn addition to the articles on this website, which includes over a hundred of our Journals, the SRGC has a huge resource of thousands of plant photos and information in the pages of the interactive Forum. The Forum is fully searchable and you may well find there all you need to know about a particular plant.

To search the Forum click here

Support The SRGC

We at the Scottish Rock Garden Club pride ourselves in being one of the world's friendliest, most forward looking and open plant societies.

We are constantly looking for ways to be even more open, more inclusive and to provide ever expanding resources for ordinary plant lovers.

If you appreciate our philosophy you can support us by joining the SRGC or by making a donation through Paypal using the button below.

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