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   Scottish Rock Garden Club
Established 1933

The Club for people who love plants.


  • Plant enthusiasts join together from around the world to share and enjoy a love of plants.
  • Amateur or professional, beginner or expert. 

  • Small garden, large garden, no garden! Bog garden, woodland garden, raised beds, troughs.
  • Dwarf herbaceous, bulbs corms and tubers,trees, shrubs,cacti, succulents, orchids.

  • Displays, Shows, Plant sales and exchanges.
  • Meetings, Conferences with world class talks.
  • Grants and Award schemes.

  • Website and forum.
  • Journals and Seed exchange.
The Scottish Rock Garden Club was founded in Edinburgh in 1933 by a small group of enthusiasts who were interested in promoting the cultivation of alpine and rock garden plants. Originally formed to host meetings and shows, through the years the SRGC added a journal and conferences along with the international seed exchange.

Now a registered charity the Club has grown with thousands of enthusiastic members in 38 countries all around the world. The SRGC is the largest horticultural society in Scotland and considered by many to be the friendliest and most accessible in the World. The SRGC supports local Groups in many parts of Scotland and the North of England and is always open to helping form new groups.

The main remit of the SRGC is to spread the word and share the fascination for the plants at every level of expertise catering for all from the absolute beginner and the world’s top professionals at the same time.

We pride ourselves on being inclusive and welcoming to all who share our interest in the wide range of plants that fall under the scope of the ‘rock garden’ from the tiniest cushion plants to trees. Many strong and lasting friendships have been forged throughout the SRGC’s history and now with the dynamic website many more are possible.

The web site adds another dimension to Club membership and also provides non-members with a window on club activities and membership benefits. It is packed with information on club activities and covers every aspect of the cultivation of alpines, rockgarden plants and dwarf bulbs. There are sections on local groups, show reports, plant portraits, feature articles etc. 

Please take a look at our very busy discussion forum. It is visited regularly by a very active and friendly group of "forumists". It has proved an invaluable aid to encourage interaction between the worldwide membership of the SRGC, who use it as a “local” meeting place for social communication as well as for plant discussions. This has strengthened friendships and club loyalty tremendously, widening the appeal for what might initially seem to be a club “restricted” to Scotland! With nearly 2500 registered forum members you are ensured of a warm welcome and quick response to any posts, be they questions on plant identification or images of your garden.

No surprise that the forum is also read by thousands of visitors. If you wish to post to the forum, it is necessary to register ( from a forum page, not the main SRGC homepage) before you can contribute: registration is free of charge and you do not have be an SRGC member although we hope to persuade you that it is worth becoming a full Member and supporting the ongoing work of the Club. 

If you have a question on any aspect of cultivating plants, then the forum is a great place to visit. It is searchable and has become an important resource with photos and comments on many thousands of plants, from traditional “rock garden and alpine” plants to many other plant types and families - in fact any plants that are of interest to our members. 

Other features to check out are Ian Young's weekly "Bulb Log", now in it’s tenth year, which not only covers all aspects of growing bulbs but also regular updates on the other plants in his garden. The International Rock Gardener, our free online monthly magazine, is a wonderful resource of illustrated articles on plants from all over the world. Features are contributed by international plantspeople who write on plants both in the wild and in gardens.

These and all the other features are accessible from the menus.

Contributions to this site are very welcome and we really want to encourage the wider membership to participate. If you feel you have something to offer, please get in touch.

The SRGC web team hopes that you enjoy this site and would be very interested in your views, comments and suggestions for improving it. Remember that this site is a reflection of the SRGC's policy of openness and friendliness, whether or not you are a member. We do hope however that any non-members who like the site will consider joining us and thereby enjoy the wide range of benefits that membership of the SRGC brings!

You can join the SRGC or renew your membership here and now using our secure on-line membership facility - just click on "Join Here".

Thank you for visiting the SRGC site, please email via the "Contact Us" button from the menu at the top of this page if you would like to send us your comments. 


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Or contact:  Richard Green,

Cedar Cottage, Balfron Station, Glasgow G63 0SQ  +44 (0)1360 440701


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The SRGC is a registered charity: SC000942




At the Annual General Meeting of the SRGC on 10th November 2018, Julia Corden was elected as President of the Club.


 Julia among the flowers in South Africa

Julia Corden among the flowers in South Africa


At the Annual General Meeting of SRGC on 10th November 2018, the Club welcomed Julia Corden as our new president.  

Julia Corden has been involved with SRGC for longer than it is polite to mention! Julia, from Pulborough in Sussex, studied at RHS Wisley and the RBG Edinburgh and also has experience of working in the likes of Inshriach nursery and great public gardens. For many years now she has been the garden manager at the Explorers' Garden in Pitlochry, where she oversees tremendous advances to this popular garden.   Her involvement with SRGC has seen her serve in many capacities at local and national level, including as Show Secretary for Perth, as Administrator of the Diana Aitchison Student Grant Fund and as organiser for several Discussion Weekends and other SRGC events. Julia travels the UK and abroad as a Speaker, always using the opportunity to publicise the Club, wherever she may be. Julia is also a freelance Botanical/Garden tour guide and this work, along with many private trips she has made, as well as with expeditions aided by SRGC, mean she has first-hand knowledge of the flora of a great many countries of the world and connection to gardeners and the wonderful SRGC members and members of sister organisations around the world. The Scottish Rock Garden Club is very important to Julia - she is deeply committed to the objectives of the Club to spread knowledge and build an international community of plant lovers - there can be no doubt she will work tirelessly to this end. We are fortunate - and delighted - to welcome Julia as our President.

Julia with  her spaniels

Julia with her spaniels, Bracken and Poppy


Julia at 4 yrs old

Julia's love of flowers began early: here she is at four years of age with her winning entry to a local flower show! 


SRGC Executive Office Bearers:

   President  Ms Julia Corden
Treasurer Mr Richard Green
Secretary Ms Hannah Wilson
Subscription Secretary Ms C Boulby
Editor Mr Anton Edwards
Publicity Manager Mr A J Leven
Chairman of Web Committee Mr J.Ian Young

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The SRGC web site and forum is a large and valuable resource. Here are a few quick links to features you may find interesting!

Seedexchange: We list seeds of over 5000 species annually.

Journal: One of the world's best publications for rock gardeners.

Shows: Every year we hold shows in Scotland and in northern England.

Events: What's happening?

Seeking Plant information?

Phelypaea coccineaIn addition to the articles on this website, which includes over a hundred of our Journals, the SRGC has a huge resource of thousands of plant photos and information in the pages of the interactive Forum. The Forum is fully searchable and you may well find there all you need to know about a particular plant.

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We at the Scottish Rock Garden Club pride ourselves in being one of the world's friendliest, most forward looking and open plant societies.

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Scottish Rock Garden Club is a Charity registered with Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR): SC000942

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