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The SRGC operates various GRANT schemes, including the Diana Aitchison Fund which offers grant aid for horticultural students – read more  HERE

The SRGC also grants "Exploration Awards" - next  deadline for 2019 application is  15th March - see HERE


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The SRGC web site and forum is a large and valuable resource. Here are a few quick links to features you may find interesting!

Seedexchange: We list seeds of over 5000 species annually.

Journal: One of the world's best publications for rock gardeners.

Shows: Every year we hold shows in Scotland and in northern England.

Events: What's happening?

Seeking Plant information?

Phelypaea coccineaIn addition to the articles on this website, which includes over a hundred of our Journals, the SRGC has a huge resource of thousands of plant photos and information in the pages of the interactive Forum. The Forum is fully searchable and you may well find there all you need to know about a particular plant.

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