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Wisley Alpine Log

Written by SRGC

Wisley Alpine Diary 2006 - 2011


The Scottish Rock Garden Club is delighted to have introduced this feature to the website, something which we have long encouraged: Alpine Department Staff at the Royal Horticultural Society Garden at Wisley, have contributed, over some years, a regular "blog" which gave an insight into life at one of the most important Alpine Gardens in the country… as Paul Cumbleton, who organised the blog says…... "It could include all kinds of things …..what the Alpine Dept. is up to at Wisley (and maybe other RHS Gardens too), what plants we have in flower now, how we grow various things, what problems we get and how we deal with them..."


We felt that this was an excellent outreach venture from RHS Wisley to the wider Alpine community and invaluable in providing a "window on Wisley" which will be of great interest to all SRGC members, particularly those overseas and the tens of thousands of gardeners who visit this site each week. We were pleased that the Wisley Diary could also be shared on the website of our sister organisation, the Alpine Garden Society.


Our thanks to diarist Paul Cumbleton and to the management at Wisley for enabling this venture and to the staff of the Alpine Department who have contributed to the blog. The final Wisley Diary went online in February 2011.


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The Logs for 2006 and 2007 are webpages. Those for 2009 - 2011 are PDFs.


To view an entry; please click on the date in the table below


Log Number Year 2007 Year 2008
3rd August 4th January
15th August 17th January
30th August 31st January
13th September 15th February
27th September 28th February
10th October 14th March
24th October 28th March
7th November 11th April
22nd November 24th April
6th Decemeber 13th May
20th December 24th May
  10th June
  18th June
  2nd July
  17th July
  31st July
  14th August
  28th August
  10th September
  29th September
  9th October
  22nd October
  11th November
  19th November
  4th December

18th December



Below are the flexible format pdf Wisley logs.   Please Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the logs.

It can be downloaded free HERE


To view an entry; please click on the date in the table below



2009 2010 2011
1 06/01/09 7/01/10 26/01/11
2 18/01/09 21/01/10 02/03/11
3 29/01/09 8/02/10 03/04/11
4 13/02/09 19/02.10 08/05/11
5 25/02/09 4/03/10 29/05/11
6 11/03/09 18/03/10 08/06/11
7 26/03/09 01/04/10 25/06/11
8 09/04/09 26/04/10 13/07/11
9 28/04/09 14/05/10 29/07/11
10 07/05/09 28/05/10 21/09/11
11 21/05/09 9/06/10 26/10/11
12 4/06/09 25/06/10 13/02/12
13 18/06/09 8/07/10
14 02/07/09 26/07/10
15 16/07/09 9/08/10
16 30/07/09 2/09/10
17 13/08/09 16/09/10
18 27/08/09 20/10/10
19 9/09/09 6/11/10
20 24/09/09 7/12/10
21 8/10/09 19/12/10
22 23/10/09
23 5/11/09
24 19/11/09
25 11/12/09
26 23/12/09


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