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Index Of Show Reports

Written by SRGC
 Sandy Leven's Show Reports

Sandy Leven provides these reports for our reading pleasure.

Thank you, Sandy, for your lively memories of the Shows and the Forrest Medal plants.

Links to Show Reports and Forrest Medal winners (click on the show names to download the reports)

(other Members' reports and photos from the shows can be found HERE in the SRGC Forum)

Because  of  the  cancellation of  our Shows, due  to the  Coronavirus  crisis, there  will be  few show  reports  this  season. Sandy Leven, mindful of the  fact  that  we would not  have  the  pleasure  of  more  show  reports  this year while the  virus pandemic keeps us at  home, has  really  pulled  out  all the  stops  to give us a full range  of the  plants  at Kendal.... he  hopes  he'll be   back at  Shows  next  year  with  his  camera  on our  behalf - we  hope  so too! Thank you, Sandy!

Local Group and National Show Reports 2020

Dunblane Early Bulb Day 2020

Part 1  of  Kendal Show  report 2020

Part 2  of  Kendal Show  report 2020

Part 3  of  Kendal Show report 2020

Part 4  of  Kendal Show report 2020

Part 5  of  Kendal Show report 2020



Forrest Medal reports

Kendal AGS/SRGC show - Farrer Medal Report 2020

Local Group and National Show Reports 2019

Dunblane Early Bulb Day 2019

Kendal Show 2019

Stirling Show  2019 

Hexham SRGC/AGS Show 2019 

Edinburgh Show 2019

Perth Show 2019

Glasgow Show 2019

Aberdeen Show 2019

Extra: Sandy Leven has made a fun report on the "show" that he imagines in the wonderful Winter Gardens of the Duthie Park in Aberdeen ( - the venue for the SRGC Show). Click here to enjoy that!

Hexham Autumn Show 2019

Grantown Discussion Weekend Show 2019

There  is  not actually  a  "show" connected with these  events -  but  Sandy  reports  on other  SRGC  Events too!

Himalayan Weekend at Lockerbie - 1st Report

Craigieburn Garden Visit /Himalayan Event  

Glenae Garden Visit/Himalayan Event

Westerhall Garden/Himalayan Event 

Summer Event Dunblane 2019

Inverewe Rock Garden Project 2019

Late Bulb Display Glasgow 2019

Forrest Medal Reports 2019

Forrest Medal at Kendal AGS/SRGC Show 2019 

Forrest Medal at Stirling 2019

Farrer Medal at Hexham 2019

Forrest Medal at Edinburgh 2019

Forrest Medal at Perth 2019

Forrest Medal at Glasgow 2019

Forrest  Medal at  Aberdeen 2019

Forrest Medal at Hexham Autumn 2019

Forrest Medal at Discussion Weekend 2019

Local Group and National Show Reports 2018

Dunblane Early Bulb Day 2018

Kendal AGS/SRGC 2018

Stirling Show 2018

Edinburgh Show 2018

Perth Show 2018

Nairn-Highland Show 2018

Glasgow Show 2018

Aberdeen Show 2018

Ponteland AGS/SRGC Show 2018

Discussion Weekend Show Pitlochry 2018

Report on Autumn Event and AGM 2018

The 2018 David Boyd SRGC Event  2018 - The machair of the Uists and Benbecula Report by Sandy Leven of the  container planting workshop - click here

Sandy Leven attended the event with his wife Anne and one of their sons, Andrew - they had such a great time on the trip that Sandy has  compiled these six extra  reports of their exploits in the hope of encouraging others to visit the islands. 

Part 1  Our Road to the Isles - click here

Part 2  Kyle to Uig, across Skye  - click here

Part 3  Benbecula -  Machair - click here

Part  4   North Uist Machair  - click here

Part 5    South Uist machair - click here 

Part 6    South to Eriskay - click here        

SRGC Summer Day  2018 - click here

SRGC at  the Dundee Flower and Food Show 2018  - click here

Forrest Medal Reports 2018

Farrer Medal at Kendal AGS/SRGC 2018 

Stirling Forrest 2018

Edinburgh Forrest 2018

Hexham SRGC/AGS Forrest 2018

Perth Forrest 2018

Nairn- Highland Forrest 2018

Glasgow Forrest 2018

Aberdeen Forrest 2018

Farrer Medal at AGS/SRGC Newcastle-Ponteland Show 2018

Discussion Weekend Show Pitlochry 2018

Local Group and National Show Reports 2017

Dunblane Early Bulb Day 2017

Kendal SRGC/AGS show 2017

Kincardine show 2017

Northumberland / Hexham AGS/SRGC Show 2017

Edinburgh show 2017

Perth Show 2017

Nairn Show 2017

Glasgow Show Report 2017

Aberdeen Show 2017 - thanks to Stan da Prato for this report.

Ponteland Show 2017

SRGC display at Gardening Scotland Show - June 2017

Other displays from nurseries at Gardening Scotland - 1

Further displays at Gardening Scotland - 2

Dunblane Summer Event 2017

Late Bulb Day, Aberdeen 2017

Peebles Discussion Weekend 2017

No "Show" as such at the SRGC AGM - but Sandy Leven has produced a colourful, plant filled report  of the day :  SRGC AGM 2017

December 2017 : At this time of year the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh  goes  "all out" on special visitor attractions  to celebrate the season -  Sandy Leven has been to the gardens to enjoy the spectacular light shows being put on there this year - click here for a pdf which will give you a feeling for the event

Forrest Medal Reports 2017 - click on the report to open in a new window

Kendal Joint SRGC/AGS Forrest Medal 2017

Kincardine Forrest  Medal 2017 

Kincardine Professional Forrest Medal 2017

Hexham Joint SRGC/AGS  Farrer Medal 2017

Edinburgh Forrest Medal 2017

Perth Forrest Medal 2017

Nairn Forrest Medal 2017

Glasgow Forrest Medal 2017

Aberdeen Forrest Medal 2017 - thanks to Stan da Prato for this report.

Ponteland Joint SRGC/AGS Forrest Medal  2017

A fun challenge from Sandy Leven to exhibitors at the Edinburgh 2016 Show - can you find your plants in  this collage? Download HERE

Local Group and National Show Reports 2016

Cyril Lafong - Award of Gold Forrest Medal and RCHS Award: click here 

Dunblane Early Bulb Day 2016

Kendal 2016

Kincardine 2016

Hexham 2016


Perth 2016

Highland - Nairn 2016

Glasgow 2016

Aberdeen 2016

Dunblane Summer Event 2016

Penrith Event held with the Cyclamen Society 2016

Ponteland 2016

Peebles Discussion Weekend 2016

Forrest Medal Reports 2016 - click on the name to open report in new window 

Kendal - Farrer Medal at joint SRGC/AGS show




Perth - Best in Show 

Highland - Nairn



Ponteland - Farrer Medal at joint SRGC/AGS show

Peebles -Discussion Weekend

Local Group and National Show Reports 2015

Dunblane Early Bulb Day 


"Stirling" at Kincardine 







Summer Event

Grantown Discussion Weekend

Newcastle Autumn (at Cowells GC)

Forrest Medal Reports 2015 


"Stirling" (at Kincardine)

Farrer Medal at Hexham

Forrest and Professional Medal at Edinburgh





Grantown on Spey Discussion Weekend Show 2015

Newcastle SRGC/AGS Show October 2015

Local Group and National Show Reports 2014

Dunblane Early Bulb Day





Perth  (N.B. large file 10.7Mb)

Nairn (Highland)  - report by Stan da Prato


Grantown on Spey  Discussion Weekend Show - compiled by Sandy and Stan da Prato 

SRGC Summer Event at Dunblane


Late Bulb Day at Scone

Forrest Medal Reports 2014


 Kincardine (Stirling)




Nairn (Highland)


 Grantown on Spey (Discussion Weekend Show)

 Ponteland (Newcastle)

Local Group and National Show Reports 2013

Dunblane Early Bulb Day

Blackpool Show

"Stirling" at Kincardine 




Nairn (Highland)

Glasgow - part one   and Glasgow - part two

Grantown on Spey


Forrest Medal reports 2013


"Stirling" at Kincardine


Hexham - Farrer Medal   (when these joint shows are held under AGS rules, a Farrer Medal may be awarded)

Perth - Forrest and Professional Forrest Medals 

Nairn (Highland)

Discussion Weekend Show - Grantown on Spey




George Forrest Memorial Medal Winners 2001 - 2012


Archived Local Group and National Show Reports to 2012

Early Bulb




Late Bulb
Discussion Weekend
International Conference 2011

 Summer Event 2012

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