Plant Publications

From time to time the SRGC publishes books on various subjects. This page gathers together these publications in one place and allows viewing and/or downloading of the whole publications as files in a standard pdf format.  As well as recent publications, in due course we intend to publish pdf versions of some earlier paper publications which have long been out of print.  If there is anything which you wish to see made availabe again, then please contact us.  If you have paper copies of any early publications then we are always interested in hearing from you to make them available to a wider audience.

"Viola Subgenus Neoandinium, Preliminary Monograph"
by Watson, Flores, 
Nicola & Marcussen (2022)

This is the latest edition of a monograph of the spectacular South American rosulate violas which has been written by experts in their field. John and Anita Watson live in Chile, and have studied violas in exhaustive detail for many years. This is a valuable summary of the current state of knowledge of these plants.

Click to read the monograph here in pdf format.
"Erythroniums In Cultivation"
by Ian Young (2016)

This is a comprehensive account of the genus Erythronium, with practical comments on their cultivation.  It is an account lavishly illustrated with Ian Young's own photographs.  An expert grower and hybridiser of the plants, Ian has a wealth of experience in their cultivation, and has searched for the species in the wild.

You can read the e-book here in pdf format.

"George Forrest VMH"  by 
The Scottish Rock Garden Club (1935)

This is a facsimile copy of the book published by the SRGC as an appreciation of the life of the famous plant hunter and explorer George Forrest who made such impressive additions to botanical knowledge in the first part of the 20th century. It contains 27 contemporary black & white photographs of plants and views from China.  There are 5 engrossing chapters outlining the extent of his exploration, and the difficulties of plant hunting, much of which is written in the words of the man himself.

Click to read the book here in pdf format.
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