Seed List archive

This archive provides access to pdf files of previous Seed Exchange lists.
These are kept here for reference only and seed can no longer be requested from these lists.

Click the buttons opposite to download any file.

If checking seed numbers from previous lists, please make sure that you are consulting the correct year’s list.
Remember, the numbering for all species changes each year as different seeds are donated.

Seed list for the current year
To see the current year's seed list you must be a paid up member, and log in to this website.
You will then find it under Seed Exchange | Seed List on the menu at the top of this page.
2022/2023 Seedlist No. 76
2021/2022 Seedlist No. 75
2020/2021 Seedlist No. 74
2019/2020 Seedlist No. 73
2018/2019 Seedlist No. 72
2017/2018 Seedlist No. 71
2016/2017 Seedlist No. 70
2015/2016 Seedlist No. 69
2014/2015 Seedlist No. 68
2013/2014 Seedlist No. 67
2012/2013 Seedlist No. 66
2011/2012 Seedlist No. 65
2010/2011 Seedlist No. 64
2009/2010 Seedlist No. 63
2008/2009 Seedlist No. 62
2007/2008 Seedlist No. 61
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