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You can find all the information you need about SRGC Shows on this page. Links to Documents, Rules, Notes, and Joint Rock information are below: 


This booklet contains comprehensive information on each of our shows. This edition has been revised to include the new Glasgow show venue and the Glasgow Autumn show.

Individual sections that comprise the show schedules may be downloaded using the links below:

Rules and information for exhibitors and judges.

Schedules for each show in 2022 can be downloaded using the links below:

Kendal (joint show with Alpine Garden Society - AGS)
Hexham (joint show with AGS)
Edinburgh & the Lothians
Stirling (in Dunblane)
Glasgow Autumn (in place of the Discussion Weekend show)
Hexham Autumn (joint with AGS)

Three of our shows each year are held jointly with the Alpine Garden Society shows in the north of England. These are run under the rules of each organisation in alternate years. AGS rules are available below; it is advisable to check these as there are some differences.

Alpine Garden Society Show Information webpage

An artistic and photographic competition is held on two occasions annually. Information on these is available here.


The Joint Rock Garden Plant Committee meets at several of our shows each year to assess plants for awards. The committee is made up of representatives from The Royal Horticultural Society, The Alpine Garden Society, and The Scottish Rock Garden Club. It deals with all rock and alpine house plants other than irises, rhododendrons, narcissi and tulips although it does deal with  dwarf members of these genera when these specialist committees are not meeting.

All current details of the committee, how to submit a plant, and where the meeting will be held - may be downloaded HERE.  

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